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Lotte Jensen

Prof. dr.
Main position
Hoogleraar RU
Language and literature studies
Nederlandse literatuur- en cultuurgeschiedenis
End membership
Employed by
Radboud Universiteit
Nederlandse taal en cultuur
Postbus 9103
6500 HD   Nijmegen
tel.   024 361 2048
Personal website Research/publications

What do sources of cultural history such as literary texts tell us about the creation of a national identity, Dutch cultural roots, and the position of the Netherlands in Europe? This is one of the main questions that Lotte Jensen (born in 1972) addresses in her research, which encompasses the cultural history of Western Europe, the creation of national identity, and Dutch literature.

Her most recent research explores how periods of war and peace in Dutch history have influenced the formation of the Dutch national identity. Her original, innovative approach has already earned her an award, a research grant, and a guest professorship in Ghent, Belgium.

Jensen, Prof. dr. L.E. (Lotte)
  • Dutch language and culture

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