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Tine De Moor

Prof. dr.
Main position
Hoogleraar EUR
Modern and contemporary history
Modern and contemporary history
Middle Ages
Modern and contemporary history
Instituties voor collectieve actie in historisch perspectief
End membership
Employed by
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
School of Management
Postbus 1738
3000 DR   Rotterdam
tel.   010 408 9531 Research/publications

Tine de Moor is professor at the Department of Social and Economic History, Utrecht University.

Tine (born in 1975) studies institutions for collective action, an interest that is right in step with the current lively debate about the rise of “citizens’ collectives". The term stands for all sorts of citizen-run facilities, for example in the energy sector and healthcare, and is linked to discussions about shrinking government and the failure of the free market. The debate can be enriched by considering the historical perspective, in keeping with De Moor’s efforts to use the discipline of history to study society. Trained as an historian and ecologist, she believes that interdisciplinarity is one of the strengths of her approach.

De Moor, Prof. dr. T. (Tine)
  • Emergence, development and evolution of institutes for collective action from the late middle ages, contemporary burgercollectieven, marriage patterns and related demografic aspects

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