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Christiaan Vinkers

Dr. mr.
Main position
Psychiater en onderzoeker Amsterdam UMC (locatie VUmc)
Epidemiology and medical statistics
Psychiatry, clinical psychology
Employed by
Amsterdam UMC, locatie VUmc
Afdeling Psychiatrie/GGZ inGeest Onderzoek & Innovatie
Oldenaller 1
1081 HJ   Amsterdam
tel.   020 788 4666
Personal website Research/publications

Christiaan Vinkers (born in 1980) studied Pharmacy, Law and Medicine, making him truly multitalented.

In addition to his work as a clinical psychiatrist at UMC Utrecht, he also heads a productive line of research focusing on the factors that influence the brain’s stress vulnerability and resilience. For example, he has demonstrated that stress can increase the risk of psychiatric and other disorders and identified biological factors that play a role. Vinkers is eager to make science accessible to the general public and has set up the Dutch website to explore topics in which psychiatry plays a role.

Vinkers, Dr. mr. C.H. (Christiaan)
  • Stress and trauma. Resilience. GABA. Psychotic disorders. Prediction. Evidence-based psychopharmacology

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