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Liesbeth van Rossum

Prof. dr.
Main position
Hoogleraar EUR
Internal medicine
Cardiovascular disorders
Psychiatry, clinical psychology
Obesitas en stresshormonen
Employed by
Erasmus MC
Afdeling Inwendige Geneeskunde, Sectie Endocrinologie
Postbus 2040
3000 CA   Rotterdam
tel.   010 703 3972
Personal website Research/publications

Physician and researcher Liesbeth van Rossum (born in 1975) is a major talent in her field.

She has set up her own line of research into stress hormones and their relationship to stress-related disorders such as obesity and depression. Her discovery that hair analysis provides an accurate measure of stress hormone levels has opened up new avenues of interdisciplinary research. She also founded the Healthy Weight Centre, which is dedicated to developing innovative and personalised treatments for obesity. Her research interests are informed by the needs that present themselves to her in patient care.

Rossum, Prof. dr. E.F.C. van (Liesbeth)
  • Overweight/Obesity. Stress and stress hormones and its consequences for body and mind

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