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Ronald Cramer

Prof. dr.
Main position
Groepsleider Cryptology CWI, Hoogleraar UL
Algebra, group theory
Theoretical computer science
Logic, set theory and arithmetic
End membership
Employed by
Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, Cryptology Group
Science Park 123
Postbus 94079
1090 GB   Amsterdam
tel.   020 592 4166
Personal website Research/publications

Ronald Cramer, The Cramer-Shoup crypto system that he and his American colleague Victor Shoup published was the first practical system resistant to active attacks. The system became an international standard. Cramer also designed a system for secure collaboration between parties that do not trust each other. He has developed new, ground-breaking applications for classical mathematics in cryptography.

Cramer, Prof. dr. R.J.F. (Ronald)
  • Mathematics, fundamental and applied cryptography, mathematical aspects of cryptography, algebraic geometry and -number theory, combinatorics, information theory

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