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Danielle Posthuma

Prof. dr.
Main position
Hoogleraar CNCR/VUA
Behavioural and educational sciences
End membership
Employed by
Amsterdam UMC, Locatie VUMC
Afdeling Klinische Genetica, Sectie Complex Trait Genetics
De Boelelaan 1085
1081 HV   Amsterdam
tel.   020 598 2823
Personal website Research/publications

Danielle Posthuma leads the Complex Trait Genetics group at the CNCR of the VUA/VUMC.

Her group focuses on identifying genetic and neurobiological pathways underlying human complex traits. Complex traits are known to be influenced by multiple genetic and environmental factors as well as interactions between them. The main research themes are genetic pathways of disease, gene-environment interactions, imaging genetics, and the development of statistical genetic methods. Recent research highlights are the identification of the importance of the G-protein pathway in intelligence and the development of novel statistical methods for functional gene network analysis.

Posthuma, Prof. dr. D. (Danielle)
  • Statistical Genetics, Structural Equation Modelling, Behavior Genetics, Cognition

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