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Bart Lambrecht

Prof. dr.
Main position
VIB Directeur
Internal medicine
Immunology, serology
Immunopathologie van de long
End membership
Employed by
VIB Inflammation Research Center
UGent-VIB Research Building
FSVM Technologiepark 927
9052   Gent
tel.   +32 9 331 36 07/01
Personal website Research/publications

Bart Lambrecht's research group Immunoregualtion and Mucosal Immunology at Ghent University studies the development of allergic asthma.

Currently there is an epidemic of allergic disease, with up to 30% of children having some form of allergy. Allergic sensitization develops when antigen presenting dendritic cells or epithelial cells of the skin or lung recognize foreign allergens. Better understanding of these early interactions will undoubtedly lead to novel drug treatments for allergy and asthma.

Lambrecht, Prof. dr. B.N.M. (Bart)
  • Asthma, allergy, immuno-pathology, dendritic cells, immunotherapy , epithelial cells, cytokines, influenza



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