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First meeting Global Young Academy

8 April 2011

Last month the first meeting of the recently founded Global Young Academy (GYA) took place in Berlin.


Alumni of the Dutch Young Academy Hans Hilgenkamp and Mihai Netea and Tjerk Oosterkamp, member of the Dutch Young Academy, have played a role in founding the Global Young Academy. Recently, members of the Dutch Young Academy Arianna Betti and Bettina Speckmann have become members of GYA. Bettina is also member of the board. The Global Young Academy has as its primary goal the empowerment of the position of young scientists from all over the world. During the first meeting interdisciplinary discussions were held about cooperation in subjects such as scientific careers, mobility, science funding, founding new young academies and policy issues. One of the first projects will be to make scientific software available for young researchers in developing countries.

GYA has 132 members from 50 countries and five continents, all of them excellent young researchers.

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