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Questions about climate change? Ask a scientist!

18 May 2021

The Climate Helpdesk is for people who have questions about climate change. Scientists and other experts provide the answers.

Much has been written and said about climate change, but not all of this information is helpful. Not only is ‘fake news’ a problem but there is also a lot of factually correct information that the average person in the Netherlands finds difficult to understand. As a result, climate change is at risk of becoming an abstract issue, or even something you can choose to believe or deny. Yet we are all affected by it and it is already having a visible impact on our daily lives.

That is why, in early 2020, a group of dedicated scientists (including several members of The Young Academy) took it upon themselves to establish this platform. The purpose of this project is to make scientific knowledge about climate change accessible. The Climate Helpdesk is meant primarily for school-aged children, but anyone who has questions and wants to make sense of the torrent of media reports can get in touch. The Climate Helpdesk was initiated by Scientists4Future NL and the Utrecht Young Academy and is co-funded by The Young Academy.

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