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Expedition Mundus

24 June 2014

Expedition Mundus - now available in English - is a fun educational game that familiarises pupils with scientific research. In this game 'science' refers not only to the natural sciences, but also to the humanities and the social sciences. The game is intended for primary and secundary shool pupils, aged 8 and up.

Since June 2014 Expedition Mundus is available in English (digital in PDF). Translations into additional languages are encouraged (see Juridical Guidelines). Mundus shows pupils that science is not about ’knowing a lot’, but rather about curiosity, creativity and logical thinking. That makes Expedition Mundus the perfect starting point for inquiry-based learning.

What is Expedition Mundus?

The game starts with a story about three scientists who discover the planet Mundus and get to know its inhabitants, the Mundians. The pupils then get to work trying to answer all sorts of questions about Mundus by investigating pictures, texts and other sources. In other words, they go on a class expedition.

The scientists explore the planet. What is the force of gravity there, and does the planet have seasons? Is the local wildlife dangerous? What is the language of the inhabitants like? And what do those yellow triangles mean? Expedition Mundus is an exciting game with cards with research questions for students to explore an unknown planet. They have to gather information, exchange data and publish results. In short: they have to work like a team of scientists. The game is suitable for all subjects. Students will get introduced to the essence of science in a playful way during one school hour.

Translating Mundus and professional printing

  • Please apply for a license to translate Mundus in your own language. The license is free of charge. For more information on conditions for translating Expedition Mundus consult the Juridical Guidelines. For translation guidelines see Expedition 'Translating Mundus'.
  • For all professional printing, based on new translations and/or available translations, a small fee is due (max. 5% of printing costs). Making a single copy for orientation or playing the game at a school is allowed, also see Juridical Guidelines.

Applications for translations or professional printing can be submit by sending an email to

Experiences with Expedition Mundus in the Netherlands

From its introduction in the Netherlands in 2011 onward the game has been enthusiastically received by pupils and teachers at all levels and it continues to be a classroom favorite in secondary education.

In 2013, a new version of Expedition Mundus was published for primary education. The game is being distributed online and through the ‘science nodes’ at universities, which also organize workshops and other game-related activities. More than 1200 primary schools have received their copy and embarked on an expedition.

The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed finding answers to the questions. I think that we played the game for more than an hour, and their attention never flagged. The materials are appealing and the game element makes it interesting. The pupils cooperate and compete against one another.

A primary school teacher in Utrecht, the Netherlands


Downloads for Mundus

Expedition Mundus

Introduction story




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