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Interdisciplinarity within science and scholarship


Other events have been organised in cooperation with the Royal Academy, for example the House of Science in late 2008 to celebrate the Royal Academy’s two hundredth anniversary. Guests at this event submersed themselves in the history of science in the seventeenth century. The celebrations marking Foundation Day in 2009 focused on interdisciplinarity, inspired by C.P. Snow’s Two Cultures lecture fifty years ago. Foundation Day gave members of the Royal Academy and Young Academy ample opportunity to explore this challenging terrain by debating and discussing it with one another and by investigating interdisciplinary research questions.

Publication of De Maakbare Mens

De Maakbare Mens. Tussen fictie en fascinatie is a collection of essays edited by members of the Young Academy and the Centre for Society and Genomics. It was published by Bert Bakker publishers in 2009. In this collection, members of the Young Academy and other scientists describe their fascination with “recreating man” (de maakbare mens) from the perspective of the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. The publication was marked by a lively book presentation and a public debate. Lectures were also organised across the country. Book reviews appeared in the national media and on a well-known TV book review programme (VPRO Boeken).

Future topics

The theme for 2010 is World Image/Man’s Image. Another aim is to review and document the publication traditions in the various scientific and scholarly disciplines in 2010. A symposium on the topic of Control will take place on 11 February 2011.

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