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Publications 2019

NIDI's research findings are published in external national and international journals, books and reports. This page presents an overview of all external publications in the year 2019.

Articles in journals covered by the (Social) Science Citation Index

Aretz, B., Doblhammer, G. & Janssen, F. (2019),
Effects of changes in living environment on physical health: A prospective German cohort study of non-movers. European Journal of Public Health. [URL]
Balachandran, A., Beer, J.A.A. de, James, K.S., Wissen, L.J.G. van & Janssen, F. (2019),
Comparison of population aging in Europe and Asia using a time-consistent and comparative aging measure. Journal of Aging and Health 31. [URL]
Bijwaard, G.E. & Wahba, J. (2019),
Immigrants’ wage growth and selective out-migration. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 81. [URL]
Dalen, H.P. van (2019),
Values of economists matter in the art and science of economics. Kyklos. [URL]
Dingemans, E.A.A. & Henkens, K. (2019),
Working after retirement and life satisfaction: Cross-national comparative research in Europe. Research on Aging 41: 1-22. [URL]
Dingemans, E.A.A. & Möhring, K. (2019),
A life course perspective on working after retirement: What role does the work history play? Advances in Life Course Research. [URL]
Ekamper, P. & Poppel, F.W.A. van (2019),
Infant mortality in mid-19th century Amsterdam: Religion, social class, and space. Population, Space and Place 25: e2232. [URL]
Kashnitsky, I., Beer, J.A.A. de & Wissen, L.J.G. van (2019),
Economic convergence in ageing Europe. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie. [URL]
King, R., Cela, E., Morettini, G. & Fokkema, T. (2019),
The Marche: Italy's new frontier for international retirement migration. Population, Space and Place 25: e2241. [URL]
Liefbroer, A.C. & Rijken, A.J. (2019),
The association between Christianity and marriage attitudes in Europe. Does religious context matter? European Sociological Review 35: jcz014. [URL]
Lubbers, M. (2019),
What kind of nationalism sets the radical right and its electorate apart from the rest? Pride in the nation’s history as part of nationalist nostalgia. Nations and Nationalism 25 (2): 449-466. [URL]
Oude Mulders, J. (2019),
Attitudes about working beyond normal retirement age: The role of mandatory retirement. Journal of Aging & Social Policy 31. [URL]
Renema, J., Meuleman, R. & Lubbers, M. (2019),
Immigrants’ support for welfare spending and the role of perceived and preferred group’s access to welfare: A comparative study among 10 immigrant groups in the Netherlands. International Journal of Public Opinion Research. [URL]
Sleutjes, B., Ooijevaar, J. & Valk, H.A.G. de (2019),
Residential segregation in the Amsterdam metropolitan region: A longitudinal analysis using scalable individualised neighbourhoods. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie. [URL]
Uccheddu, D., Gauthier, A.H., Steverink & Emery, T. (2019),
Gender and socioeconomic inequalities in health at older ages across different European welfare clusters: Evidence from SHARE data, 2004-2015. European Sociological Review. [URL]
Wagner, M., Huinink, J., & Liefbroer, A.C. (2019),
Running out of time? Understanding the consequences of the biological clock for the dynamics of fertility intentions and union formation. Demographic Research 40 (1): 1-26. [URL]
Willekens, F. (2019),
Evidence-based monitoring of international migration flows in Europe. Journal of Official Statistics 35 (1): 231-277. [URL]


Articles in edited books

Buskens, E., Vogt, T.C., Liefbroer, A.C., Reijneveld, M.S.A., Bultmann, U., Henkens, K., Ruiter, H. de & Rooij, S.E.J.A. de (2019),
Path-dependent development of mass housing in Moscow, Russia. In: Dijkman, B., Mikkonen, I. & Roodbol, P. (Eds.), Older people: Improving health and social care. Cham: Springer, p. 9-31. [URL]


Articles in other refereed scientific journals

Kashnitsky, I. (2019),
Russian periphery is dying in movement: A cohort assessment of internal youth migration in Central Russia. GeoJournal. [URL]
Oude Mulders, J. & Henkens, K. (2019),
Employers’ adjustment to longer working lives. Innovation in Aging 3 (1): 1-10. [URL]
Popkov, Y.S. & Wissen, L.J.G. van (2019),
Equilibrium and stability of entropy operator model for migratory interaction of regional systems. Mathematics 7 (2): 130. [URL]


Articles in other scientific journals

Beer, J.A.A. de & Valk, H.A.G. de (2019),
Feit of fictie: Kan de wetenschap bijdragen aan een toekomstbestendig migratiebeleid? Journaal Vreemdelingenrecht 16 (1): 39-44. [URL]


Articles in non-specialist journals

Beer, J.A.A. de (2019),
Griep en sterfte onder tachtigplussers. Demos: bulletin over bevolking en samenleving 35 (1): 8. [URL]
Beer, J.A.A. de & Gaag, N.L. van der (2019),
In goede gezondheid genieten van je AOW. Demos: bulletin over bevolking en samenleving 35 (2): 1-4. [URL]
Dalen, H.P. van & Henkens, K. (2019),
Het veranderde klimaat over klimaatverandering. Demos: bulletin over bevolking en samenleving 35. [URL]
Dalen, H.P. van & Henkens, K. (2019),
Vertrouwen werkgever in zijn pensioenuitvoerder. Pensioen Bestuur & Management 16 (1): 6-8. [URL]
Fokkema, T. (2019),
Migranten van het eerste uur krijgen eindelijk juiste aandacht. Sociale Vraagstukken 9 maart 2019. [URL]
Lubbers, M. & Renema, J. (2019),
Immigranten en hun kennis van de Nederlandse verzorgingsstaat. Demos: bulletin over bevolking en samenleving 35 (2): 4-7. [URL]
Wijk, D.C. van (2019),
Ruimtelijke patronen in steun voor de PVV. Geografie 28 (3): 28-30. [URL]
Wissen, L.J.G. van & Gaag, N.L. van der (2019),
Waarom blijft de vruchtbaarheid in Afrika zo hoog?. Demos: bulletin over bevolking en samenleving 35 (1): 1-4. [URL]



Ciobanu, R.O., Fokkema, T. & Nedelcu, M. (Eds.) (2019),
Ageing as a migrant; vulnerabilities, agency and policy implications. London: Routledge, 180 p. [URL]
Ageing as a migrant; vulnerabilities, agency and policy implications
Jong, P.W. de (2019),
Between welfare and farewell: The role of welfare systems in intra-European migration decisions, PhD Thesis. University of Groningen. 193 p. [URL]
Between welfare and farewell. The role of welfare systems in intra-European migration decisions


Reports and other publications

Grünwald, O., Damman, M., & Henkens, K. (2019),
The role of work in caregiving experiences among older, working caregivers. Netspar Discussion Paper DP 01/2019-009. Tilburg: Netspar. [URL]
Fokkema, T. (2019),
Migranten van het eerste uur: een verloren generatie op leeftijd? [Inaugurele rede]. Rotterdam: Erasmus University Rotterdam, 33 p. [URL]
Migranten van het eerste uur: een verloren generatie op leeftijd?




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