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Migration & Migrants

International migration is a major factor of demographic and social change and for an increasing number of countries, international migration has become the most important factor of population growth. As a result European populations are becoming more diverse than ever before. Our research focuses both on migration flows in a macro perspective to better understand European migration patterns, as well as on migrant behavior at the micro level. Emphasis is put on the demographic and socio-economic position of migrants and the demographic dynamics in migrant families, applying the life course approach to complete the wealth of studies on the structural and cultural position of migrants.

Key to studying migration flows and processes are good quality data; our research aims to achieve higher quality and better harmonized data for better comparability of migration patterns and better understanding of international migration in Europe. The determinants of migration decisions are a major component of our research as well, with a focus on recent international migration flows in the European Union. Our research on the lives of migrants covers both the first generation of migrants as well as the second generation children of migrants. The scope of the work is international although specific attention is paid to the situation in the Netherlands. Using a comparative perspective, migrants of different origins, in different settlement countries and with diverse migration histories are studied. Innovative methodological approaches are applied to better capture events in different life domains in order to understand individual migrants’ life trajectories and their determinants. Not only the causes but also the consequences of life course decisions for demographic change in society are analyzed.

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