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Working Group

Policy & Dissemination

Population dynamics are a major driver of social change. New demographic realities are constantly emerging and create new challenges for society and policy. NIDI research strives for scientific excellence and focuses on socially inspired research questions. In addition to scientific curiosity, the desire to clarify and contribute to the solution of social issues is an important source of inspiration in the selection of our research topics. We are convinced that demographic research can make important contributions to informed decision making and the development of evidence-based policies, both in the public and private sector. This conviction inspires us to explore the intricate interplay of research, policy and social developments and it fuels our knowledge transfer and outreach activities.

In order to systematically address these issues, that cut across research themes, the Working Group Policy and Dissemination was formed. This Group will closely collaborate with all researchers and shall explore, strengthen and clarify the linkages of social and policy developments and NIDI research. It also aims to promote the dissemination of demographic information to stakeholders in academia, policy and society at large to enhance the use of demographic knowledge.

Main projects:

Other and related projects:


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