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D.C. (Deirdre) Casella M.A.

As of mid April 2019 no longer employed at NIDI, but at the 4TU. Centre for Research Data


Casella, D., Van Tongeren, S. & Nikolic, I. (2015),
Change in complex adaptive systems : a review of concepts, theory and approaches for tackling ‘wicked’ problems in achieving sustainable rural water services, The Hague, The Netherlands: IRC. [URL]
Casella, D. (2014),
Simulating large-scale change interventions for WASH services using Agent-Based Modelling, The Hague, The Netherlands: IRC. [URL]
McIntyre, P., Casella, D., Fonseca, C. & Burr, P. (2014),
Priceless! : uncovering the real costs of water and sanitation. The Hague, The Netherlands: IRC. [URL]
Casella, D., Magara, P., Kumasi, T.C., Guijt, I. & Soest, A. van (2013),
The Triple-S project Sensemaker® experience - A method tested and rejected. (Triple-S – Working Paper 9) The Hague, The Netherlands: IRC. [URL]
Garandeau, R., Casella, D. & Bostoen, K. (2009),
Evaluating and improving the WASH sector: strengthening WASH governance, learning about complexity, assessing change. (Thematic overview paper/ IRC 23) The Hague: IRC. [URL]
Blankwaardt, B., Casella, D., Smet, J.E.M. & Snel, M. (2008),
Local governance for basic urban services : country cases from Burkina Faso, Egypt and Sri Lanka 2003 - 2007. (Technical paper series / IRC no. 51) Delft, The Netherlands: IRC. [URL]


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