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Dr. T. (Thomas) Emery

Thomas Emery

Project Manager, Generations and Gender Survey


Researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSW), Erasmus University Rotterdam

Educational background

Social Sciences & Statistics


Intergenerational transfers & solidarity, demographic change, comparative social policy, family change, advanced quantitative methods, multilevel modeling, comparative longitudinal datasets


++ 31 (0)70 3565262


emery @


Interview with Tom Emery about family support on Population Europe Inter-Faces - Webcast.


Uccheddu, D., Gauthier, A.H., Steverink & Emery, T. (2019),
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Gauthier, A.H., Cabaço, S.L.F. & Emery, T. (2018),
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Emery, T. (2018),
Support from parents during young adults' transition to adulthood. In: Searle, B.A. (Ed.), Generational interdependencies; the social implications for welfare. Vernon Press, p. 27-48.
Bártová A. & Emery, T. (2016),
Measuring policy entitlements at the micro-level: maternity and parental leave in Europe. Community, Work & Family. [URL]
Emery, T. (2016),
Public and private financial assistance in Europe. European Societies 18 (1): 25-46. [URL]
Fokkema, T., Kveder, A., Hiekel, N., Emery, T. & Liefbroer, A.C. (2016),
Generations and Gender Programme Wave 1 data collection: An overview and assessment of sampling and fieldwork methods, weighting procedures, and cross-sectional representativeness. Demographic Research 34 (18): 499-524. [URL]
Gauthier, A.H. & Emery, T. (2016),
The Generations and Gender Programme: Past, present and future. Demos: bulletin on population and society 32 (7), special issue: 7. [URL]
Gauthier, A.H., Emery, T. & Bártová, A. (2016),
The labour market intentions and behaviour of stay-at-home mothers in Western and Eastern Europe. Advances in Life Course Research 30: 1-15. [URL]
Emery, T. (2015),
Het oudste kind gaat voor. Demos: bulletin over bevolking en samenleving 31 (9): 1-4. [URL]
Emery, T. (2014),
How do generations support each other in an ageing society? GGP Research Note; Issue 6, GGP, 3 p. [URL]
Emery, T. & Gauthier, A.H. (2014),
Understanding society through our relationships. E-data & Research 9 (Special Issue): 7. [URL]
Gauthier, A.H. & Emery, T. (2014),
Generations and Gender Programme: A research infrastructure for analyzing relationships over the life-course. In: A. Dusa, D. Nelle, G. Stock & G.G. Wagner (Eds.), Facing the future: European research infrastructures for the humanities and social sciences. Berlin: SCIVERO Verlag, p. 99-108. [URL]
Sigrist, F. & Emery, T. (2014),
The GGP in Eastern Europe: Insights into demographic change GGP Research Note; Issue 5, GGP, 3 p. [URL]
Emery, T. (2013),
Intergenerational transfers and European families: Does the number of siblings matter? Demographic Research 29 (10): 247-274. [URL]
Gauthier, A.H. & Emery, T. (2013),
Parent's chances of repartnering in a European Context. GGP Research Note 2013 (2).
Gauthier, A.H. & Emery, T. (2013),
Which Gender Equality Matters?. GGP Research Note 2013 (3).
Emery, T. (2012),
Intergenerational conflict: evidence from Europe. Journal of Population Ageing 5 (1): 7-22. [URL]


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