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Dr. P. (Patricia) Hernández Peña


Educational background

Medicine / Public Health / Economics


Health Accounts, health financing


++ 31 (0)70 3565269


hernandez @

Publications (selection)

Huicho, L., Hernandez, P., Huayanay-Espinoza, C.A., Segura, E.R., Niño de Guzman, J., Flores-Cordova, G., Rivera-Ch, M., Friedman, H.S. & Berman, P. (2018),
Understanding drivers of domestic public expenditure on reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health in Peru at district level: An ecological study. BMC Health Services Research 18 (833): 1-16. [URL]
Huicho, L., Huayanay-Espinoza, C.A., Hernandez, P., Niño de Guzman, J. & Rivera-Ch, M. (2018),
Enabling reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health interventions: Time trends and driving factors of health expenditure in the successful story of Peru. PLoS ONE 13 (10): e0206455. [URL]
Mosseveld, C. van, Polanen Petel, C. van, Hernández-Peña, P. & Verbiest, P. (2018),
Health expenditure data for policy: Health accounts, national accounts or both? Health Policy 122 (8): 885-891. [URL]
Rathe, M., Hernández, P., Mosseveld, C. van, Pescetto, C. & Van de Maele, N. (2018),
Health accounts from past to present for a political arithmetic. Pan American Journal of Public Health 42: e89. [URL]
Mann, C., Ng, C., Akseer, N., A Bhutta, Z., Borghi, J., Colbourn, T., Hernández-Peña, P., Huicho, L., Ashar Malik, M., Martinez-Alvarez, M., Munthali, S., Shah Salehi, A., Tadesse, M., Yassin, M. & Berman, P. (2016),
Countdown to 2015 country case studies: What can analysis of national health financing contribute to understanding MDG 4 and 5 progress? BMC Public Health 16 (Suppl 2): 792. [URL]
Mosseveld, C. van, Hernández-Peña, P., Arán, D., Cherilova, V. & Mataria, A. (2016),
How to ensure quality of health accounts. Health Policy 120 (5): 544-551. [URL]
Nakhimovsky, S., Hernandez-Peña, P., Mosseveld, C. van, & Palacios, A. (2014),
System of Health Accounts (2011) and Health Satellite Accounts (2005): Application in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. PAIRFAM Working Paper; No. 22. Pairfam, 19 p. [URL]
Hernandez-Peña, P., J.P. Poullier, C.J.M. Van Mosseveld, N. Van de Maele, V. Cherilova, C. Indikadahena, G. Lie, T. Tan-Torres & D.B. Evans (2013),
Health worker remuneration in WHO Member States. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 91 (11): 808-815. [URL]
Lu, Y., P. Hernandez, D. Abegunde & T. Edejer (2011),
The World Medicines Situation 2011. Medicine Expenditures. 3rd Edition, Geneva: WHO, 32 p. [URL]
Hernandez, P., T. Tan Torres & D.B. Evans (2009),
Measuring expenditure on the Health workforce: Concepts, data sources and methods. In: M.R. Dal Poz, N. Gupta, E. Quai, A.L.B. Soucat (Eds.), Handbook on monitoring and evaluation of human resources for health. With special applications for low- and middle-income countries. WHO/World Bank/USAID, pp. 63-78. [URL]
Raciborska, D.A., P. Hernández & A. Glassman (2008),
Accounting For Health Spending In Developing Countries. Health Affairs 27 (5): 1371-1380. [URL]
Hernandez, P. & J.P. Poullier (2004),
Global trends in pharmaceutical spending and financing and the statistical annex 2: expenditure. In: WHO, The world medicines situation. Geneva: WHO, pp. 41-51. [URL]
Poullier, J.P., P. Hernandez, K. Kawabata & W.D. Savedoff (2003),
Patterns of Global Health Expenditures: Results for 191 Countries. In: C.J.L. Murray & D.B. Evans (Eds.), Health Systems Performance Assessment. Debates, Methods and Empiricism. Geneva: WHO, pp. 195-203. [URL]

Contribution to methodological guidelines on health accounts.
The most known are:

OECD, EU & WHO (2011), System of Health Accounts.
WHO, USAID & World Bank (2003), Guide to producing national health accounts. (Producer's Guide)

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